Diary of a Student Teacher: Is Cyberbullying a social mirror?

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Bullying happens in schools. It happens in workplaces and sadly, in society in general. In my continuing quest to be a great teacher I have often wondered why so much hype is given to cyber bullying – isn’t it really … Continue reading

Diary of a Student Teacher – Being inconsistent to be fair

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A discussion sparked in class this morning that has left me questioning my held beliefs around rules or more to the point rule breaking in the class.  Since I embarked on this journey into the classroom I have held a … Continue reading

Diary of a Student Teacher – Meet Baxter the 3D printed rabbit

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I printed out a white rabbit in my materials technology tutorial group the other day.  Meet Baxter: he took over an hour to print and is made from plastic.  The potential this type of technology  unlocks in the classroom is enormous … Continue reading