Why I’m passionate about Make Club





Make Club has officially launched. Parents and our school community have been invited to come this Thursday afternoon and now with Stephen’s post it seems like it has started has taken flight.

MoM_header brand

I want to share why I am so passionate about this opportunity.

It started with a conversation (actually many conversations) about how to cultivate Maker culture within our school.  I felt like some amazing things were happening within our school but knew that the piece of the puzzle that was missing was community.  At times I feel the term ‘maker’ is becoming another edu-ism to add to a long list, seen as yet another fad that will run its course.  But of course it is not, and its not new.  The difference is that we are making in the web age.  We share.  We take a photo of our work-in-progress or final outcome and with the intent to share which then turns into commenting and discussion.  We share ideas, tweak and remix all to then share again.  The view of a maker tinkering alone in a shed is well gone, really why would you.

The web opens the door to an insta-community ready to help, share and pass on ideas.  Its not the product that even matters its the sense of community.  It’s this part of maker culture that I think is very powerful, its ability to create communities by taking the conversation off the screen.  Enabling people to come together and create in a mutual space of tinkering and the unknown.  The web helps us connect but then we humanise it by our need to come together.

Our goals are to create a space that allows for anyone to tinker and share ideas.  While we will be running activities to do with coding and programming this is not our singular purpose, it is not a code club.  It is a ‘come and have a tinker with this’, ‘try this’ or ‘make one of these’.  Maybe it might spark your own idea for something and then come and use the space, tools and people to help you make your thing – whether you are a student, parent or teacher.

I’m excited as this opportunity opens the classroom to the community and welcomes the collective need to make things.

I could go on longer but my 28 minutes are up – more tomorrow






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