Falling into my class with a thud


I drew a blank today on what to blog about.  Often ideas or discussion had with people over the day spark an internal query or curiosity but to be honest that just didn’t happen today.  No internal chatter accompanied me in the car ride after school nor did I make up a strange jingle or song (as I often do when mulling over ideas) as I drove the 40 minutes from school to home.

I knew in the back of my mind that I needed something to blog about today for the #28daysofwriting challenge so I started to go through a list of links that I send myself after I skim articles or sites that strike a chord, thinking that I will come back to them when I have time.  My blank state was here and now was the time to feel inspired, surely what had sparked something before would come flooding back?  I gave myself 20 minutes to discover something, anything to trigger momentum.  I flicked through the list, checked Twitter and then started watching this TED talk .  But nothing.

I wanted to write something amazing, something insightful or humorous but for some reason I just couldn’t find the inspiration.  I started to unpack this feeling from all angles – thinking about what I could do shift from this apathetic state.  It was uncomfortable, unfamiliar and by this time just getting annoying.

Then I realised – this is what it feels like for students when I ask them to create something when they’re just not in the mood.  Thud.


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3 thoughts on “Falling into my class with a thud

  1. Good on you for taking the challenge. I’m full of good intentions but time is elusive – perhaps when the Mindlab course is over I’ll find some time………Keep up the awesomeness 🙂

    • Thanks for comment. I often think ‘yes’ to these things and then not actually do them. With ‘action’ as my word for 2015 I couldn’t not this time round. I’m contemplating the Mindlab course – would be keen to hear your thoughts

  2. We can’t feel inspired all the time, it would be exhausting. We need to full the tank (usually with some relaxing) before we can once again ‘hit the road’. It is refreshing to read this honest post, when often we are trying to convince the world and ourselves that we need to be on the go always. I find that if refreshed I am far more use (and less cranky lol) with the world 🙂

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