Tinkering with my mindset

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I have found I have a love/hate relationship with blogging.  I love the way it can help me crystallise ideas by acting and reflecting but then I find I scrutinise my writing, criticise the content and end up concluding that neither are perfect and therefore not fit to publish – at any given time there is usually 10-15 half written blog posts sitting in this limbo state.

I find this interesting because in most other areas I am a trial and fail ‘tinker till it works’ kinda person.  Blogging it seems unleashes an internal conflict that sees me constantly shifting on the growth vs fixed mindset continuum. I need to tinker with this, break and explore it.  So on the eve of the new school year I’m kicking off day one of the 28 day writing challenge – 28 days, 28 posts each done in 28 minutes.  Here goes.

At the start of the year I began to notice the #oneword2015 blogging meme and couldn’t at the time select the right word for the year ahead. But considering my internal now external monologue above (the beginning of this thinking was visible in my tweet below from #edchatnz!) now I have it – Action.

twitter_ mindset

For me the term ‘action’ imbues a sense of intent, holding intentions and acting upon them.  To not be attached to how events happen or expect them to come to me in a certain way but instead put things in place, do what I can and see what happens.  Within my classroom I find this plays out in my consistent dichotomy between ‘just in time’ learning and just in case, where I’ve discovered student-led equally means teacher scaffolded/supported.  Finding that line between what to teach, what to lead and when to just stand back.

When is the best action for the teacher, for me, no action at all.  Holding the intent of the learning and choosing the experience while not being attached to how it manifests – not what or how it happens just that it does occur.

(confession time: 38 minutes have passed as I felt the need to add images.)



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