Diary of a Student Teacher – Being inconsistent to be fair


A discussion sparked in class this morning that has left me questioning my held beliefs around rules or more to the point rule breaking in the class.  Since I embarked on this journey into the classroom I have held a strong view that I want to be an approachable, inclusive and authentic teacher that is able to be fair and consistent in my actions.

Like most student teachers I fear the lesson that may slip from my control and descend into complete chaos (this is usually played out in my dreams the night before placement).  So when a tutor at teachers college suggested that really isn’t being completely inconsistent with the rules is a better reflection of fairness – my thoughts were tipped upside down.

I didn’t have any response and with a confused look my thoughts went spinning.  I suppose this goes back to my ah-ha moment of the last post around individualisation.  As teachers we are dependent on our relationships with students and are very aware that a ‘one way suits all’ teaching methodology does not support all learners, so why then are there a set rules to govern all?

Our discussion centered around having an understanding of the rules so when you need to you know the risk of breaking rules or just how far they can bend before breaking.  Still whirring from my internal counterargument of impending chaos I stopped myself and I realised that this thinking could prevent me from an opportunity to see student magic unfold when I step back and truly share control of the classroom with my students.

So I am beginning to think that maybe being inconsistent is the best way to be fair.


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