Diary of a Student Teacher – Paying it forward with niceness?


So I had begun a post about my thoughts on technology in the classroom when the need for caffeine hit me.  To cut a long story short I was pulling into the pay and display parking and realised that I had left my coin purse at home.  Just in that moment the guy in the car next time mine wound down his window, smiled and waived a still valid ticket.

I was super excited, popped it on my dashboard and ran in to get coffee.  As I went to leave  (knowing there would be an hour left on the ticket)  I walked up to a lady at the parking machine and asked her if she wanted my ticket.  You would have thought I had just given her $100 but actually the act of paying it forward made me feel just as excited.

It’s strange really, the ticket would have only cost the first man $2, and the two of us were more than happy to pay that plus $4+ for a coffee yet were so excited about a free ticket?

I don’t think it was about the ticket.  It was like the act kinda woke me up and out of my own head.

Paying it forward, that seems to be my lesson for today.  When I think about it  isn’t that really what we are doing all day every day as teachers – Putting niceness out into the world hoping it will spread?  Maybe I’m getting a bit cheesy and cinematic about it, blame a convincing Haley Joel Osment and the 2000 movie adaptation of  Pay it Forward.  Either way it has given me a warm  fuzzy feeling as I delve into the pile of theory that currently consumes my desk.



One thought on “Diary of a Student Teacher – Paying it forward with niceness?

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